Culinary Arts Programs in Montana

This webpage offers comprehensive information on education options for chefs, bakers and pastry chefs, food preparers and other food service professionals in the state of Montana. Additionally, we provide in depth data the job outlook and salary expectations in the state of Montana. [En Español]

Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) informs that there were approximately 14,360 people employed as head chefs, chefs and other cooks in Montana as of May 2016. Furthermore, there were 800 people in employment as baking and pastry professionals, as well as a further 3,560 in employment in food preparation. There were 350 working in food service management. It is predicted that, in the 10 years to 2024, jobs for chefs and cooks in the treasure state will expand by 17.1%.

Cooks and Chef Salaries in Montana

The average salary for chefs employed in restaurants in the nation’s 44th most populous state, in May 2016, was $24,280 (BLS), or around $11.67 per hour. Chefs and experienced senior cooks made an average salary of $39,860 during the same period, and baking and pastry specialists made $26,270 or $12.63 per hour.

Salaries in Montana by Occupation

Job TitleTotal EmployedMean Hourly PayMean Annual Salary10th Percentile25th PercentileMedian75th Percentile90th Percentile
Butchers and Meat Cutters740$15.57$32,390$21,800$25,420$30,900$38,460$47,020
Chefs and Head Cooks450$19.16$39,860$25,960$30,530$36,460$46,580$60,290
Fast Food Cooks3,070$9.93$20,660$17,680$18,390$19,590$22,750$25,730
Food Preparation Workers3,560$10.38$21,590$17,860$18,800$20,470$23,670$27,480
Food Service Managers350$24.23$50,390$32,890$37,040$45,640$60,450$76,440
Institution and Cafeteria Cooks2,150$12.54$26,070$19,340$21,480$25,090$29,510$34,610
Other Food Preparation and Serving Related Workers140$10.13$21,070$17,530$18,290$19,660$22,830$27,560
Restaurant Cooks4,720$11.67$24,280$18,550$20,570$23,590$27,740$31,060
Short Order Cooks1,820$10.62$22,080$18,110$19,550$21,930$24,190$25,940

Chef and Head Cook Salaries in Montana by Region

area_titleTotal EmployedAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary
Billings, MT70$18.67$38,840
Missoula, MT110$15.64$32,540

Restaurant Cook Salaries in Montana by Region

area_titleTotal EmployedAverage Hourly WageAverage Annual Salary
Billings, MT830$10.77$22,410
Great Falls, MT250$11.16$23,210
Missoula, MT530$12.13$25,220

Popular Colleges

College Programs

Missoula, MT Area

The University of Montana

Missoula, Montana, Missoula, Montana 59812
(406) 243-0211
Food Service Management – Associate Program, Culinary Arts – Certificate Program

The University of Montana offers multiple training options, including an Associate program and a Certificate program. Classes are taken at their campus in the city of Missoula, MT. This is a full, 4-year public college with 13,044 students, of which 83% are undergraduates. The university is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The cost of tuition for in-state students is around $6,238 and for out-of-state students in the order of $23,764 yearly. Books and supplies can cost about $1,400, although this will depend on the program.

Western Montana nonmetropolitan area Area

Flathead Valley Community College

777 Grandview Dr, Kalispell, Montana 59901
(406) 756-3822
Culinary – Associate Program

Flathead Valley Community College’s Associate-level Culinary program is taught at their campus in Kalispell in Flathead County, MT. The majority of of the school’s 2,169 students are on 2-year programs. The college is institutionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. The cost of tuition for in-district students is roughly about $4,112 and are $5,486 and $11,254 for in-state and out-of-state students respectively, while books and supplies may cost about $1,000, although this varies from program to program.

* Tuition fees and accredition status are correct at the time of writing, according to the National Center for Education Statistics ( Confirm with college before applying.

Neighbor States

Students may also wish to review their options in Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.