The Best Blogs for Gourmands in 2019

By Courtney Cosby

Chances are if you are reading this, you really love food. It doesn’t matter to you if it is hot food, cold food, red food or blue food – you like it all. To satisfy your appetite for all things good, here is a vast array of the best food blogs to follow in 2019.

Southern Soufflé

Southern Soufflé was created by Erika Council to share her love for cooking and her comforting, home-style Southern cuisine recipes with her followers. Erika has been cooking since she was four and has lots of experience making mouths melt with her cuisine. Her blog is named after her college nickname, given to her because she would serve meals out of her college dorm room. Here you can find classic southern comfort food and more traditional dishes with a twist of creativity.

Chocolate + Marrow

A rising talent in the blog scene, Chocolate + Marrow is another source for southern home cooked food. Inspired by the town Brook Bass grew up in, New Orleans, and the town in which she currently resides, Portland, this unique food blog features the best of both worlds: a little southern pride and fried food with a pinch of history and tradition mixed in with some fresh ingredients and seasonal dishes with a dash of inventiveness. Head on over for some unique comfort food ideas that will inspire you to get moving in your kitchen.

Pinch of Yum

Pinch of Yum started out as a hobby and has turned into a full time job. This successful blog is run by wife and husband duo, Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom. Lindsay does all of the writing, cooking and photography while Bjork handles more of the back end aspects such as technical and financial tasks. Lindsay is a self-taught Minnesotan cook who offers a little inspiration to everyone with a slew of different recipes including lots of flavor and seasonal ingredients. You can also grab e-cookbooks from Pinch of Yum for your cooking and eating pleasure.

Le Jus D’orange

Betty Liu’s mouthwatering blog has become widely popular and known as one of the best of its kind. Her blog is written out of Boston and is heavily influences by her Chinese heritage with authentic, homestyle recipes that encourage Western cooks to use Asian ingredients. Her talents do not stop in mixing the ingredients, however. Betty’s blog features beautiful imagery of her foods that will make you want to lick your screen. You can also take part in exciting cookery workshops that will intrigue you to make more so you can eat more!

A Cozy Kitchen

A blog that is “fueled by” sugar, flour, butter and rap music, A Cozy Kitchen is a fun little place on the internet to find comforting and cozy recipes that are much inspired by Adrianna’s Latin-American background. From traditional classics to her own twist on mashups, you will surely find plenty to love. Along with Peruvian and Columbian inspired dishes, you will also find a lot of cakes, breakfast foods, pastries and pies to fill your gourd with.

Spoontang Kitchen

Erin Neil chose to leave her desk job and her hometown in Michigan to live in the Big Apple and pursue her dreams in the culinary realm. She enrolled in culinary school in NYC and began her food blog, Spoontang Kitchen, to share with readers as she studies as a culinary student. She shares a multitude of tasty recipes that are sure to satiate.

Juls’ Kitchen

Written and photographed by Giulia Scarpaleggia and Stommaso Galli, these partners in life were born and raised in gorgeous Tuscany. Here you can be transported to a Tuscan kitchen where you can see the seasonal and real food of Tuscany. The instructions are uncomplicated and detailed so you can have a little bit of authentic Tuscany style cuisine in your own home with delicious morsels courtesy of Juls’ Kitchen.

Eat Yourself Skinny

This is a great blog for people who love to eat. Kelly has a natural sweet tooth like most of us which has led her to her way of clean eating that she wants to share with others. Most of her recipes are healthy and adaptable to special diet needs, so you can eat as much as you want without the guilt. From gluten-free to paleo, low carb and even vegan options, there is something for everybody at Eat Yourself Skinny.

What to Cook Today

When you are ready to chow down but find yourself scratching your head about what you can eat for dinner, surf over to What to Cook Today for a solution. Started in 2010, Marvellina was just married and started to learn how to cook. She documented her endeavors cooking many Southeast Asian recipes that she ate while growing up. Her hope with the blog is to encourage others create Southeast Asian food that they will love in their own kitchens while inspiring others to try out Southeast Asian cuisine for the first time.

A Couple Cooks

Alex and Sonja are a husband and wife duo who shares recipes suitable for healthy home cooking. Some of the recipes at A Couple Cooks may seem overwhelming at first glance but you have to just trust them and follow them through. With recipes that are inspired by international flavors, their well-written recipes are absolutely amazing to follow and eat. A Couple Cooks offers fancy eats like vibrant spring vegetable chowder and chocolate cherry vegan tarts that will keep you munching.